Who Are We?

Young & Bay was founded in 2015 by Kaelin Ruddock and Luke Del Monte; two entrepreneurs with a vision set out to establish a company that has the ability to inspire people. The intention behind Young & Bay’s vision is to provide quality, service and a very fun organic interaction to all people. Young & Bay all started with a desire to change the way people feel about life. We live everyday with a belief that by spreading awareness and a vision, we can change how people view online products forever.

Our Goal

Our Goal is simple.

Delivering a product for people to not only wear, but to live the lifestyle creating their own story. A day at the beach? Early morning train downtown? How about lunch and a coffee? or even a romantic summer walk? Wherever you are, we want to manifest a positive experience that will be remembered. With Young & Bay, we will  change the way your day starts and end with a perfect touch.

What is #YourExperience?

To understand #YourExperience, is to understand the fullness of life and all experiences. Young & Bay is about focusing on the moments that sometimes pass us by too quickly. #YourExperience is about shifting the way our viewers see the essence of a moment, their moment. Let us help make your tomorrow even better.